Mike Simpson, FRRME CEO, went to Jordan to meet with Iraqi Christian refugees. He writes about it for this week’s update.

Earlier this month I met over 100 Christian Iraqi refugees who attend one of the churches we work with in Jordan. I was invited to preach the sermon in their church service, (with an Arabic translator I hasten to add). I spoke on darkness and light. The darkness of ISIS that they had been through in Iraq. The darkness of despair at what the future holds. The challenges which face many refugees as regards depression, PTSD, low self-esteem, family tensions and other issues. But also the light which Jesus Christ can bring and which Christians are asked to share (Matthew 5 v 14-16).

There were a lot of tears. I believe the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully in that meeting. I invited people to stand up if they wanted more of the light of Jesus in their lives. I expected a handful might respond. I think everybody stood up in the end. People were greatly moved. It was astonishing and a great privilege for me just to be there. Later in the service there was rapturous applause for FRRME and the help we give them (funded by you, our supporters).

As part of the evening, we then showed the film ‘Voices of Iraq’ in which several of them appear. Again there were many tears, as people recalled what had happened to them in Iraq. I asked them to write on slips of paper what their thoughts were about the film. In the next few weeks we’ll tell you what they said in more detail. One of those who is in the film came up to me and gave me this note: ‘The film touched my heart. It reminded me of what happened to us Christians. We are so grateful to FRRME. God bless you all. It makes us feel that there are good people in this world trying to support us’. The woman who gave me this note was Enaam who you can see in this short video.

Enaam is now supporting her fellow refugees as a volunteer teacher of English. The Iraqi refugees are not allowed to work in Jordan. As in so much of the world, the local population have considerable unemployment. So it is not politically acceptable to allow refugees to potentially ‘take Jordanian jobs’. In contrast, Syrian refugees are allowed to work because of a funding arrangement made between the EU and others with Jordan I believe. We have spoken to the British Ambassador to Jordan about this matter.

We support around 6,000 Iraqi refugees there every month with vital food supplies, medicines and accommodation needs. This support makes a huge difference to their lives and is one way that the light of Christ can be shared with these people who have been through a kind of hell on earth. Thank you for all you have done to support us in this work. As Enaam says, ‘God bless you all’.

Mike Simpson, FRRME CEO

Voices of Iraq

As some of you will know, we premiered our new film, Voices of Iraq, at Westminster Abbey last month. We are now offering screenings of the film in support of our Nineveh SEED programme. Please contact us if you would like to show the film – admin@frrme.org / 01730 267 673.

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