Reconciliation at its most basic is the ability to live alongside one’s neighbour, building stable communities, without fear of retribution, and yet acknowledging the need for accountability. FRRME exists to promote conflict resolution and reconciliation in the Middle East, seeing peace building through the reconciliation of communities and economic rejuvenation.

Our work, made possible with your support, continues to communicate the untold stories to a wider audience. We have produced a DVD ‘A Future for Iraqi Christians’, which is a 10 minute file about our work, available for £5 plus £2.20 P&P from our shop HERE

The IDPs and refugees we help with your support have been part of a war which has been labelled the worst human disaster since World War II, with incalculable effects for the civilian population in terms of forced displacement and human suffering. There are been a particular measured impact on the religious minorities of Iraq (and Syria), in some cases with numbers down by 80% (reference Centre on Global Migration CGM). The suffering we have heard of is, at its very least, the destruction of livelihoods such as the experiences of Alen or Ammar and his family we have reported in previous weeks, Iraqi Christian refugees forced to flee for their lives to the relative safety of Jordan.  At its most extreme, it has been the attempted genocide of the indigenous people of Iraq.

As the post-ISIS conflict era emerges, FRRME is committed to the process of peace building through reconciliation, activated by the awareness of relief needs reported by our Director of Operations in the Middle East and Project Officers. Much of this is achieved through the building of partnership with Iraqi NGOs partners and church leaders, many of whom attended the recent meeting in Brussels entitled ‘A Future for Christians in Iraq’, at which FRRME was represented.

Dr. Sarah Ahmed, FRRME Director of Operations in the Middle East, celebrates the freedom of a baby born into slavery under the rule of Daesh (ISIS).

The UK Government are providing over £15m of support for UN stabilisation efforts in Iraq, working alongside Iraqi NGOs to provide security, reconstruction and reconciliation. However 2 years of extreme suffering under ISIS control has severely tested the resilience of the people of Iraq, and in particular the minorities whose communities have been broken. This is where your support, both financial and through prayer, is so important. The untold suffering and rejection goes to the very heart of individuals and communities, affecting the greatest to the least.

At the Brussels conference “A Future for Christians in Iraq”, His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, Syriac Orthodox Church summarised this frustration of Iraqi Christians on the subject of ‘Our Last Stand: Saving Christianity in Iraq’.  His impassioned appeal on their behalf was simple:

  • To live with dignity on their forefathers lands;
  • The need of homes, regardless of political definition, with the freedom to practice their religion in dignity
  • The need to define the status of their homes in agreement and cooperation with the Iraqi Government and the Kurdish Regional Government.
  • For aid provision to continue to reach those most in need. There were still many cases of people with no water or facilities, still living in tents for 2 years.
  • The longer resolution would take, the less who would wish to stay.

Please click HERE to order a copy of our DVD ‘A Future for Iraqi Christians’ available at our shop for £5 plus £2.20 P&P. We hope to introduce more people to our mission to serve the disenfranchised, dispossessed and the displaced.

Many thanks, the FRRME Team.

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