The village of Teleskuf in northern Iraq

This week I had the privilege to join hundreds of Christians in the village of Teleskuf in northern Iraq for St George’s Day. These people fled their homes as ISIS advanced. They left with nothing, not knowing what the future would hold for their families. Three years later they returned and they have rebuilt their lives and their community. One man told us that the village had been ‘born again’. And it truly feels like that.

Costumes for St George's Day in Teleskuf

At the Festival of St George there was a wonderful joy and I felt the love and warmth of the whole community. FRRME is helping the village to create a children’s play area. We also have ambitious plans for a business development programme to boost the local economy. It is vital these Christian villages in northern Iraq have sustainable enterprises if they are going to make the next big step towards full recovery.

The children of Teleskuf wait to start the procession for the St George's Day festival

We have called our project Nineveh SEED. This stands for ‘Sustainable Enterprise Economic Development’. It will include small business loans and training projects. We hope to roll it out over the whole of the Nineveh Plain region. The aim is to secure funding for some large projects from major philanthropists and government.

Bomb damaged house in Teleskuf

…. But we are asking YOU, our individual supporters, to help us fund smaller business developments. If you can help with a donation you would be making a contribution to sustaining Christian communities which have gone through one of the greatest traumas of modern times. Please help if you can. Call our office on 01730 267673 for more information or make a donation now….

Thank you,

Mike Simpson, CEO

Wednesday 25th April 2018

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