Murder in Mosul

Today is World Refugee Day. According to the United Nations, 68 million people around the world are refugees or internally displaced. One of these refugees is a woman called Marlene, an Iraqi Christian originally from northern Iraq. We interviewed her in Jordan where she now lives with her husband, Jinan, and their two small children.

Marlene’s transformation from Iraqi citizen to refugee in exile began with the brutal murder of her father. Sat between her two children, Marlene recounts the shocking details of how her father was publicly executed by Al Qaeda on the streets of Mosul:

“My father was working as a guard at the Holy Spirit Church in Mosul. He was threatened because they would not allow any Christians in Mosul because Mosul belonged to them [Al Qaeda]. We didn’t know the terrorists had threatened him three times and the fourth time he went back to work… they killed him.”

“My brother said no-one should get him because we heard there was a sign on my father’s chest: ‘This Christian does not deserve to have a tomb.’ [Al Qaeda said]: ‘We want to blow him up so that no-one will dare get close to him. He who does will be punished, he will be killed and be thrown into the street.'”

Escape to Jordan

After fleeing Mosul, Marlene and her family lived in the grounds of a church in Erbil. They lived in a packed tent in the graveyard with other refugees. When her mother died they buried her metres away from where they slept. Eventually the family was able to move to Jordan.

Life as a refugee is tough but with your support, we are helping Marlene and her family and 1,100 other Iraqi Christian families in Jordan. With our church partners we are providing them with food packages, trauma counselling, rental assistance, and English language classes.

Despite the hardship Marlene and her family have suffered, they have not lost their faith. Marlene ends the interview by telling us: “Everything has gone from our life. But He [God] is steady and His Word is steady. Whenever we fall down we see His hand upon us.”

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