Lent Week 2 – How can the ‘meek’ be blessed?

In His sermon on the mount Jesus said “Blessed are the meek”. How can that be true? Surely the meek will be downtrodden, taken advantage of, abused, stolen from, even killed … won’t they? Well maybe / maybe not, but Psalm 37 gives us a clue to God’s plan. It echoes the words of Christ. It says ‘the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace… the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming’. Perhaps this is pertinent to ISIS, who seem now to have been routed. But we must pray that there is no resurgence in that particular manifestation of ‘the wicked’.

In Jordan two weeks ago, I met an Iraqi woman who seemed to me to epitomise ‘the meek’. The Greek word for ‘meek’ in the New Testament is praeis and means mildness, gentleness of spirit, or humility. I don’t think it means being a doormat. This particular woman certainly exhibited gentleness, mildness and humility but she was also gutsy (and that’s quite an understatement!). She fled with 10 of her family from the onslaught of ISIS, leaving her home in northern Iraq as neighbours and friends were murdered or disappeared.

Can you imagine fleeing your home in the middle of the night with babies and very young children, not knowing where you will go, whether you will be caught by the advancing terrorists or whether it will ever be safe to return?

Listen to these excerpts from her moving story and then please pray for her and her family and the many thousands like them who we are trying to help. This is just a rough edit but her story will ultimately form part of our short film, ‘Voices of Iraq – stories of trauma, survival and hope’.

Mike Simpson

22nd February 2018

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