We are moving our reconciliation work forward. In the past, we connected with religious leaders, people whose influence we relied upon to make a positive impact. Post-ISIS, there must also be a political settlement. The future of Iraq will be decided at a governmental level, although religious leaders will of course play a role.

We are now working as part of an NGO caucus lobbying ministers to put the plight of Christians and other persecuted minorities at the heart of government policy. As our new CEO, Mike Simpson, said last week: “Iraqi Christians have not been heard strongly enough in the corridors of government or in our media.” We want to change this.

Last week, a letter was delivered to the Secretary of State for International Development, Priti Patel. It was signed by FRRME Trustee, Christopher Segar (former Head of Mission in Iraq for the British government), and a number of other Christian charities and MPs. In no uncertain terms it calls on the British government to allocate more funds for displaced Iraqi Christians and Yazidis. Here is an excerpt:

“… nothing has been allocated to date for the many thousands of Christians and Yazidis who lost their homes 3 years ago (including in Mosul) and who are now faced with a grave humanitarian and existential crisis… the same story also applies to the many thousands of Christians across the rest of Iraq, and into Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Syria, who are being cared for by other churches and faith-based NGOs but who have received entirely insufficient UN support.”

This must change. Western governments must do more to help Iraqi Christians, as must the UN. Indeed, despite the UN’s commitment to providing humanitarian aid, this has not reached the Iraqi Christians. Going forward, we will be putting this case to more decision makers.

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