In 2015, in a meeting room at London’s Heathrow Airport, FRRME staff met with a group of church leaders and Christian NGOs. They had flown in from around the world to discuss the terrible fate of Christians in Iraq and Syria who had found themselves living in a newly-created caliphate where Christianity was punishable by death.

One of the speakers that day was Johnnie Moore, a young American who spoke with eloquence and passion about the plight of Christians. Johnnie is now a member of President Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board and has this week published a book titled ‘The Martyr’s Oath’ which shares eyewitness accounts from dozens of Christians who have survived persecution.

This focus on testimony is at the heart of our new ‘Voices of Iraq’ project. In the coming weeks we will be surveying the Iraqi Christian refugees in our care in Jordan about their experiences. We want to share their stories with you so that the human face of this humanitarian disaster is not forgotten.

Part of this project will involve a photography competition which we will be inviting the refugees to participate in. There are three categories – ‘My Life’, ‘My Journey’, and ‘My Hope’. Iraqi Christians in Jordan cannot work (this is due to high levels of domestic unemployment) but engaging their creativity in this way will give them purpose. Inertia is one of the biggest challenges they face.

Our ultimate goal is to let the people we are helping tell you their story but also to get different groups talking to each other. One of the barriers to reconciliation is silence, a refusal to speak to “the other”. From Northern Ireland to Rwanda, cessation of hostilities has always followed dialogue. We hope to begin this process very soon.

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