A brilliant young filmmaker called Sam Davis has produced a trailer for our new ‘Voices of Iraq’ project. He travelled to Jordan before Christmas, accompanying our CEO, Mike Simpson, and FRRME trustee, Christopher Segar. There, he filmed interviews with Iraqi Christian refugees, most of home had fled so-called Islamic State in northern Iraq.

‘Voices of Iraq’ is about giving a platform to Iraqi refugees to tell their story. Too often these stories are ignored, rarely appearing in the mainstream media. Our goal is to document the testimonies of the refugees we are helping and share these with the world, particularly with those from across the sectarian divide. The stories we have captured so far are harrowing but full of hope.

Mariam  is a young Christian girl from the town of Qaramless in northern Iraq. Following the brutal murder of her grandfather by Al Qaeda, she and her family fled east to the Kurdish city of Erbil. As refugees, they lived wherever they could find shelter, including a church cemetery. Mariam is now in Jordan where we are helping her and her family.

Salim lived for most of his life in the Christian town of Qaraqosh, a stone’s throw from Mosul. When ISIS came, they blew up the churches and dug tunnels all over the city. Despite this, Salim says: “Jesus Christ told us to love our enemies. This is what Iraqi Christians will do.”

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