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FRRME is a small UK-based charity achieving big changes. We work in some of the world’s most dangerous countries and facilitate the unique and important work of Canon Andrew White in Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Palestine – convinced that God has not forgotten their people.

Canon Andrew White, President of FRRMEMy name is Canon Andrew White and I am the founder and president of The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME). Before that, I was Chaplain of St George’s Church in Baghdad.

FRRME provides emergency relief to Christians and other persecuted minorities in Northern Iraq, as well thousands of Iraqi refugees who have fled to Jordan to escape the sectarian violence. In addition to spiritual support we provide food, medicine and shelter. We work with partners on the ground, including churches, NGOs and the UN, to ensure that aid reaches the most vulnerable.

In Jordan we are looking after 500 Iraqi refugee families. Currently, the Jordanian government does not permit refugees to work so we provide them with shelter, food (via a weekly voucher scheme), and free health care (including prescriptions). We have also set up a school in Marka, a suburb of Amman, which has 175 pupils.

Our reconciliation work is focused on the peace process in Israel / Palestine. As well as supporting grassroots organisations, we run an annual summer school – The Jerusalem International School for Reconciliation (JISR) – which introduces a new generation to the power and methods of reconciliation. Former speakers at JISR include former Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub, and Sheik Imad Falouji, former-founding member of Hamas.

As I often say, we must pray for peace but we must also pay for peace. If you would like to find out more about us, please explore this website. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so by clicking here.

Grace and Peace,

Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad

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Statement from the FRRME Board of Trustees regarding Canon Andrew White

The Rev. Canon Andrew White has been suspended with pay by the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East pending the findings of a Charity Commission Statutory Enquiry.

The Foundation is cooperating fully with the appropriate authorities. It would be inappropriate to comment further on an active investigation other than to say that the Foundation believe at this stage that the alleged incident stemmed from a genuine desire by Canon White to help others.

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Ellie LantzPlease remind Europeans and Americans that while millions of Muslims are flooding Europe and being brought to the US less than 1% are Christians or Yazidis. The non Muslims are living in tent and storage container cities in Kurdistan, Iraq, Syria, and Jordan. These camps are extremely dangerous and some are raided regularly by ISIS. In order to be considered as a refugee approved to live in the EU or US the applicant must reside in an official UN refugee camp usually for two to three years. These UN camps are run by Muslims and full of Muslims that are violent to one another. In Europe refugee buildings are often sites of riots. Many beautiful resorts and rental homes have been destroyed by fire and riots. Christians and Yazitis cannot even travel safely to the west much less live in a UN refugee camp! It is a 2500 mile trip from Syria. True refugees who have lost everything cannot make that journey. There are multiple testimonies of Christian men being thrown into the Mediterranean Sea by Muslims when they discover their faith in Messiah. Most Coptic Christians have a cross tattooed in their wrist at birth. Since Christians and Yazidis cannot live in UN refugee camps very few are allowed to become legal residents of the EU or US. Christians of the west must be made aware of these facts and must stand against atheistic forces in both governments that are deliberately discriminating against non Muslims that are in actual danger of genocide in the middle east. Actual Syrian Christian refugees have come to the US through our southern boarder and turned themselves in to authorities thinking that they would be given asylum since they had families here in the US to take them in. To their horror they were deported despite the fact that thousands of illegals enter the US monthly through that boarder. Christianity is under attack in the US and EU. Pray and act. The forces within western governments and the special interest groups that now own over 60% of the American economy hate our Christian roots and want to destroy them. Pray. God still answers prayer but we must have much Holy Spirit led prayer. Prayerlessness opens the door to the enemy.1 day ago   ·  1

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